Captain, your mandatory assistance is requested to quash the rebels. Build your ship and own the skies. Command will provide you with whatever parts it deems necessary to complete the mission. You’ll start with nothing and assemble yourself. All parts are expendable but the cockpit. You’ve been warned.



Build mode: Select your part from the right. Left click an open slot to place it. Left click an occupied slot to rotate the part, or right click to remove it. Once your ship has a cockpit, click to combat to proceed to the battle!

Combat mode:

  • WASD: strafe
  • QE: rotate
  • Space: attack



  • This game is half physics sandbox, half puzzle, and half arcade. Different levels exercise different halves and require different approaches.
  • Every thruster only fires in one direction. Plan out your thrusters relative to the center of gravity for best control. For example: putting your forward thrusters along the center of mass will allow you to move forward without rotating.
  • The only thrusters that can rotate are those that are facing sideways. Put these far from the center of mass for maximum effectiveness
  • More parts means more mass. More mass means more thrusters required for the same acceleration!
  • Don’t be afraid to press the “give up” button! Sometimes all you need is a little tweak wink
  • You got this! smiley


This game is open source!


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was pretty fun to play and felt great to play after i discovered how to get through the first level, probably would have profited from some sound effects

Glad you liked it! Agreed on the sound effects - this was made for a 48hr game jam and I ran way out of time 😅